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A WebAssembly-powered local development environment for Laravel. This was an experimental proof-of-concept built using WASM and Node to try and create a self-contained development environment that could run on machines without having any local PHP installed.


An application to generate subtitles, summaries, and chapters from videos in seconds, all powered by OpenAI. Using FFMPEG, the Whisper API, and ChatGPT, Subvert extracts audio from video files and then sends it to OpenAI for processing. It's fully open-source and can be ran as a self-contained Docker container image.

Use The Keyboard

A simplistic and open-sourced repository of keyboard shortcuts for a variety of websites and apps. The site is statically-generated by a framework that went on to become another project, Cleaver.


This is a very basic Docker workflow for local Laravel app development, originally built for a video series on the same subject. It has evolved a little since then, adding more features like redis and mailhog.


Self-hosted metrics and notifications platform for Laravel apps, built with production environments in mind. Get pinged on multiple channels when your application has a model update, error logged, or more.


What this site was built with. It's a blazing-fast static site generator that uses Laravel's Blade templating engine and collections to organize site data into filterable and sortable entities.


Simplistic and open-sourced repository of password requirements for a variety of websites and apps. Originally built to remind myself of password requirements, it uses the same framework and style as Use The Keyboard.