Coming from a need for a simple budget planner, I built as an app to help build better spending habits and keep track of my expenses. After being in a private beta for a few months, it was launched on Product Hunt where it got #3 Product of the Day. It's currently running a Laravel back-end and a Vue front-end.


📊 Larametrics

Something else built from a need, this time the ability to easily view log errors and model changes on my Laravel apps, and get notified when something goes awry. Installed easily as a Composer package, Larametrics is able to keep track of any errors or notices logged, database models updated, and routes requested.


💎 Calcite

A front-end framework for rapid web development and prototyping. Calcite was created to be a powerful development toolbelt, utilizing low-level utility classes in order to control and modify an element's specific styling. This website uses it combined with purify-css, yielding a unique looking front-end with less than 10kb of production CSS.


📨 Shallot

Shallot was a solution to a problem where I needed to send out emails to a client at a certain time period, using my custom-domain email address. I knew some existed for Gmail, but nothing that I could readily find for my needs. Shallot lets you write and schedule simple emails that get sent out under any email address you specify.


🦐 Taro

From a desire to create a super simplistic static-site generator Taro was born. It utilizes Laravel Blade templating and comes with Laravel Mix's asset compiler pre-configured. Pages are organized through a single JSON file, where SEO details can be configured and additional variables added and passed through to the Blade templates. With build speed as a priority, compiling a modest 20 page site takes ~50 milliseconds.


📋 TCHiring

I noticed that there weren't really any job boards specifically targeted for my area, so I set out to make one and populate it. The back-end is a Laravel application with a front-end built with Vue and Bootstrap's grid. During regular intervals a cron job calls the API and pulls in jobs within the tri-county area. Signing into the administration panel lets you moderate what jobs appear on the front-end.



  • Back-end
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • WordPress Themes + Plugins
  • Magento
  • API Development
  • Offline Access
  • Front-end
  • JavaScript
  • Vue
  • Gulp/Webpack
  • Service Workers
  • Cordova
  • React + React Native
  • Tools
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Abstract
  • Sequel Pro
  • Postman
  • VS Code
  • PHPStorm


Electric Pulp

Nov 2016 - Present

Full-stack web developer with a focus on Laravel and Vue-based projects. Built APIs consumed by native applications and maintained high-traffic web servers. Developed PWAs that included push notifications, bluetooth location tracking, offline access, and graceful fallbacks for incompatible browsers.

Seacoast Bank

Aug 2015 - Apr 2017

Contract PHP development on private and public-facing banking websites and applications. Used various internal services and HubSpot API to integrate scheduling, maintenance requests, and inventory management into simplistic, mobile-friendly webapps.

THAT Agency

Nov 2014 - Dec 2015

Full-stack web developer with a primary focus on WordPress websites and custom Laravel and Yii-powered web applications. Developed custom themes and plugins for use in high-traffic websites in the real estate, automotive, and e-commerce industries.

Red Spot Interactive

Apr 2013 - Nov 2014

WordPress-powered web development for practices in the law, HVAC, and elective cosmetic surgery fields. Developed custom plugins that integrated with in-house APIs to manage incoming leads, as well as a custom loyalty rewards app for Android and iOS.

Freelance Development

Dec 2012 - Present

Full-stack PHP development for a wide variety of clients. Developed and maintained WordPress websites for small and medium businesses with custom plugins and/or service integrations, REST APIs to be consumed by native iOS and Android apps, and niche Laravel-powered SAAS applications.


Want to chat? You can get in touch with me on 🐤 Twitter or through a good old-fashioned 📩 email.