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I'm a full-stack developer with a love for Laravel, Vue + Docker.

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Embracing the monolith with Inertia.js

It's likely that your single-page applications could work more effectively as a monolith, bundled together with backend code. How's this possible? We can use a bridge to span the gap between traditional backends and modern SPA frameworks. Let's talk Inertia.js.


Making the case for Laravel as a Next.js alternative

Next.js is a powerhouse of a full-stack web framework with features like page-based routing, static-site generation, and dynamic React components, but what if I told you that you could get all of that with just PHP? Let's take a look at what Laravel can provide.


Fast and cheap ways to deploy a Laravel application

So you have a Laravel application and you want to get it deployed without breaking the bank. Being that Laravel is built on PHP, there's a lot of options to choose from but all of them might not be too good for your wallet. I'll take this time to go through five of my favorite cheap and easy options to deploy a Laravel application.


AI is a fad and programming is dead

On one hand, you have people saying that programming as a future career is dead, and it’ll be a couple of years before humans writing code is obsolete. Then there are those who think LLMs like ChatGPT and LLaMA are party tricks, nothing more than a fun experiment that provides minimal value to those building software.


Using single action controllers in Laravel

This package exposes a few helpful Artisan commands to manage multiple Laravel Sail applications running concurrently on your local environment. All powered by a Traefik Docker container, letting you map custom domain names to your different Laravel applications and handling the incoming traffic to them.