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I'm a full-stack developer with a love for Laravel, Vue + Docker.

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5 practical web dev projects that aren't todo lists

I first learned web development by finding interesting sites around the web and trying to create them for myself. This of course isn't everyone's style of learning, but if you're one of those who thrive on doing to move forward, keep on reading!


I built a receipt printer for GitHub issues

I have a lot of side projects on GitHub. Some of them are kind of popular, and I tend to get issues posted from time to time. The problem though is that usually they kind of get lost in the mix. I've been occasionally writing new issues down on sticky notes whenever I see a notification for one pop-up, but I always wanted an excuse to streamline it a bit more.


Storing time-series data in InfluxDB with Laravel

I've been running a Laravel application on a Raspberry Pi that handles the bulk of my home automation and monitoring, like keeping track of temperatures and humidity from sensors around my house. Originally I was storing this all on a MySQL database, and yeah that worked good enough. But, after 2 years of continuous data it was starting to get a little bulky.


Installing a local Composer package in your PHP project

If you've worked in a PHP project, chances are you've dealt with the Composer package manager. As a full-stack developer, I think it's one of the better ones that I use on a regular basis, consistently improving while remaining relatively simple. One of the more difficult things to do with it though, is adding a local package for use in a larger PHP project.


Keyboard shortcuts to drastically increase your productivity

Over the last three years, I've been adding to and maintaining a keyboard shortcuts website called Use The Keyboard. Over that time I've amassed some 5100 individual shortcuts spread out across 85 apps, programs, and websites. In this article, I'm going to break down a select few from a variety of programs and sites that I use on a regular basis as a web developer (and occasional designer).