Hey, Andrew Schmelyun here!

I'm a full-stack PHP developer with a love for Laravel, Vue + Docker.

Here's some projects I'm working on.

Use The Keyboard is a simplistic and open-sourced repository of keyboard shortcuts for a variety of websites and apps.


Larametrics is a self-hosted metrics and notifications platform for Laravel apps, built with production environments in mind.


PDFBlade is a developer-friendly HTML to PDF API with robust documentation and a wide variety of formatting options.


Here's some videos I've published.

Here's some words I've written.

A blazing-fast static site generator using Laravel's Blade.
I know what you're probably thinking, "Oh boy, another static site generator". And you'd be right, but I'm hoping that the one I've created...

The beauty of Docker for local Laravel development.
Want to take the fast track and skip the detailed tutorial below? Install Docker for your OS, clone this repo, add your Laravel app files to the src directory, and run the following...

So you want to get started with AR.js.
Augmented Reality seems like it's everywhere in 2018. Between Snapchat filters, Google stickers, IKEA's furniture preview, and now Shopify's AR Quick Look feature...