MacBook Air M1

My daily driver, the machine I do the bulk of my work on. I went with the 8gb version and it's been plenty, even using Docker.

Custom Built PC

What I stream web development on sometimes use to edit my videos. Specs include Ryzen 5 3600, Radeon RX 580, and 16GB of RAM.

Samsung UR55 Monitor

After using 2 or even 3 monitor setups for years, I recently switched to this single, larger 4K IPS monitor from Samsung.

Realspace Magellan 60 Inch Standing Desk

After I started working fully from home, I really wanted a standing desk that was easy to move up and down but didn't break the bank.

MP Select Mini V2

In my free time, I work on small electronics projects (like Arduino weather monitors). This Monoprice printer is a great entry-level machine.


Rode Procaster

Microphone for streaming and video recording. After using a Blue Snowball iCE for years, I switched to this dynamic microphone for better noise cancellation.

Custom Built Keyboard

Currently am using a custom-built mechanical keyboard, built from the GK64 platform with Kailh Box Jade switches and some thick PBT keycaps.


I've gone through a lot of headphones throughout the years, but I absolutely love the mix of portability and decent sound quality these provide.



Hands-down my favorite IDE, especially with frameworks like Laravel. I've tried other solutions but always end up coming back to this.

Material Theme UI

The theme that I've been using for years with PHPStorm. I have it set to the Atom One Dark color scheme and use the Fira Code font with ligatures.


The application I use to stream web development, and what I used to record my screen with. The settings I use are mostly standard, set to 60 FPS.


Audio for video tutorials is recorded and edited with this free program. I loosely follow a guide from thisinterestsme.com for optimizing the audio.


What I use to record and edit all of my tutorial videos and courses. It's MacOS only, but incredibly optimized for that platform.


An incredibly feature-rich terminal replacement for MacOS. I use it in conjunction with oh-my-zsh and a modified Robby Russell theme.

Table Plus

A great database GUI app for MacOS. It has the unique feature of waiting to commit modifications until you press Cmd + S.